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Fabrice Mykita

I had the opportunity to work with Kathrin on big transformation projects for EADS. Kathrin always showed me the value of never taking assumptions for granted, when supporting people in the frame of an important change. That is, embrace a pragmatic approach, always question the context, and work without any preconception of what solutions could be.

This way of working helped us understand faster the core issues and real resistances to change, and consequently implement faster tailored solutions and tools, with great benefits for people and the organization.

Also Kathrin is very empathetic and kind, and has a natural way of building trust, because she simply cares about the people she is supporting, and that makes a huge difference.

Fabrice Mykita – Industrial Engineer


Nicole Wehring

The secret of her success is that Kathrin has a genuine interest in wanting to understand the other person's point of view. This human quality is EMPATHY. In our collaboration, looking back, this was exactly the most important fuel to find back into my self-determination and to be able to tap into my resources. This was a milestone in a phase of total professional disorientation.

With Kathrin, I succeeded in refocusing my attention on the essentials. Rediscovering the deeper meaning of my actions has facilitated goal-oriented self-discipline and the management of my emotions. As a result, I regained self-confidence and assertiveness. And all of a sudden it was there again - my CREATIVITY that I thought I had lost - with which I prefer to meet my challenges.

Nicole Wehring – People Lead (Ottogroup)


Bernard Marmann

I had the pleasure and luck to work with Kathrin for several years. An enthusiastic change manager who is able to integrate the meta level with corresponding operational details.

Sie schafft es, moderne Ansätze wie Empowerment, Agile oder Ambidextrie pragmatisch zu vermitteln und dabei auch klassisch relevante Führungsthemen nicht zu vergessen. For me as a leader as well as for my team. Very important, she excellently translates relevant needs of the team into concrete actions…
Ihr Lieblingssatz: „…und was braucht’s daher jetzt….“
Marvelous! I'm a fan of hers.

Bernard Marmann VP – Operations Airbus Hamburg


Tina Niemann

Kathrin's superpower?
Personally tailoring the support needed to each in the way that projects need to be successful.

It was time-critical. It was risky. It was big shoes to fill. And it worked fantastically.

Getting support for an entire workshop session as an audio guide via Messenger is something I haven't experienced before. Any audio book isboring by comparison.

I couldn't have been better prepared. Thank you Kathrin!

Tina Niemann – Mentor
(Passion for Better Work)


Ulf Weise

Kathrin's support is a particular asset for those who have to master challenging day-to-day business and profound changes at the same time. She understands the operational concerns of change leaders just as well as the complex demands on top management.

Here one learns to see business situations in the context of necessary changes and to outline ways into the future that generate approval and motivation among employees. It explains the mechanisms of change, identifies the real causes of blockages and provides pragmatic help for self-help.

Ulf Weise – Coach


Harald Diegruber

I have fond memories of working with Mrs Schrepfer on joint change projects. I appreciate her ability to convince people and mobilise them for new paths, her pragmatism, her conceptual strength and last but not least her optimistic and positive attitude.

Dr. Harald Diegruber  – Business Coach
(Dialog und Sparring)


Albert Böhnisch

I met Kathrin in 2013 as part of a complex change and transformation programme. She impressed me with her respectful, unprejudiced and energetic way of approaching people. With her empathy, she immediately created a positive working atmosphere characterised by trust. In order to bring the different experiences and knowledge of the project members on one level, Kathrin designed, initiated and conducted a change management training (theory and case study) parallel to the transformation process. This training clearly helped to reconcile differences in language, understanding and perception of "change management" and created an important common ground in the project team. Her strong conceptual skills and willingness to implement are remarkable. Despite a heavy workload, Kathrin always took time for personal coaching. Dear Kathrin, thank you very much!


Albert Böhnisch – Consulting engineer and trainer

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Kathrin Schrepfer, lächelnd

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